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Here’s Adrian Grenier, 38, shirtless on the beach and going for a run in Miami yesterday.

He’s a good looking guy he’s just much hotter to me when his hair is wet.

While one can’t criticize the show for showing Grey as the (seemingly, at least) thinking individual she really is, her presence prompts one long protracted anal sex joke among Vince’s peers. “Entourage” can’t quite decide whether it wants to show having a porn star as a girlfriend is a good thing or a bad thing.

(Grey is known for her anal scenes in porn movies, in case you didn’t get the memo.) The boys — Drama, Turtle, and E — respond to Grey the same way you’d imagine what would happen if you brought up the subject of anal sex to a group of 15-year-old boys: a lot of tittering, Drama observes, “Vagina’s my third favorite hole,” and E is inspired to attempt performing the act with fiance Sloan. It’s too soon to tell, but Grey will return in future episodes.

"It was a military tribunal that prosecuted her..Guantanamo." Spoken like Mrs. - Hilary Swank logged 19 hours of flight time to play Amelia Earhart and is now going for her pilot's divorce. "She'd want to stay up there so long I'd have to tell her, 'You have to come back down and be Amelia for me.'" P.

In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Grenier addresses the main argument against Entourage – that it’s misogynistic in that the female characters are just vessels for male fantasy. The show wasn’t endorsing that lifestyle, it was just portraying it authentically.

With the exception of a hopeful feature film (fingers crossed), it's all over for the boys from Queens.

Movie or not, it's not like we're being left empty-handed.

The series may have never topped year two, but each season has not been without at least one episode that will live on in HBO re-runs for years to come.

Unbelievably hot women, cameos from just about all of the industry and then some, enviable toys and riches, and of course, bromance; we're going to miss it all.


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