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We have helped over a thousand frum Jews break free from the struggle/addiction to pornography and related behaviors, and we have also helped many spouses and saved marriages. Have him watch the 8 minute video on the homepage of gain an understanding of all the tools he can use to get help for his issue (see more about helping your husband below, 7, 8 and 9).

For you personally, though, here is what we suggest:1) GYE has a free and anonymous conference call at least twice a week for spouses, to help you get proper guidance and support for what you are going through.

We realize this is a lot to look through, but we believe the journey is SO worth the information you will gain. You need to do what you can to overcome its effects.

You will find Dr Laaser’s article among many that are available within this resource.

With pornography readily obtainable and free in many cases all over the internet, it is no wonder that sex addicts most commonly refer to the web as an easy source that feeds their addiction.

With so many website catering to sex, an addicted person can feel that they are floating in a black hole with no way to exit.

FEATURED TALKS: Download & Listen to these great recordings for couples and spouses that can give you a whole new perspective on what you are dealing with.

With the ease and convenience of online affairs, it seems a greater number of people are more likely to experiment than ever before.In addition to passive pornography such as viewing images, a troubling dependence on person-to-person cybersex can also evolve.As a matter of fact, cybersex is the highest grossing sexual industry over the internet.Even simply building a romantic, emotional connection can be done online.Although these actions might not be done in person, internet affairs are still a major breach of trust and can be just as damaging as traditional affair.With internet filtering software becoming more and more sophisticated and affordable, it can be a valuable tool in the suppression and recovery plan for a sex addict that relies on the internet for gratification.


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