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FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR COMMENTS AND OBSERVATIONS BELOW OR IN GREATER DETAIL AT THE RAPTORX FORUM FOR BLACK VULTURES 2016.YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN REAL-TIME VULTURE NEST CHAT If you lose live video (which may occur during camera changes), click on the “play” arrow or refresh your screen by clicking on the circular arrow to the right of the URL line.

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From the 2010 to the 2013 breeding seasons, 6 chicks hatched and another 3 orphans from other locations fledged for a total of 9 fledglings from this nest site.

For the best viewing experience on a computer, we recommend Google Chrome and a high speed connection.

For the best viewing experience on mobile, we recommend a high speed wifi connection.

An untagged pair took up residence again in early February 2017.

One of our long-term research objectives is to determine whether the same pair tends to occupy the shed year after year or if occupancy changes, possibly resulting from some form of competition or due to disturbing the nest site by tagging adults and/or chicks.


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