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That places contact or ancient Asian presence in North America long before Ruskamp’s proposed Shang Dynasty contact some 3,000 years ago, but long after the Bering Land Bridge had disappeared. clearly identifiable ancient Chinese messages which were written long ago in the rock art record, and which until now have remained undisturbed and unrecognized.” He continued: “Miscategorized and overlooked by modern anthropologists and archaeologists (largely due to the fact that knowledge of ancient styles of Chinese writing are not generally well-known, and the items discussed …The huge waves that hit Hawaii during the weather phenomena known as El Niño (El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO)) excite surfers and, on the odd occasion, rock art enthusiasts too.Song is an expert in Chinese petroglyphs, whose work has also long supported the controversial theory that contact occurred between Asia and North America outside of what is commonly held by archaeologists and anthropologists to be the case (The common view is that Native Americans’ ancestors traversed the Bering Land Bridge some 12,000 years ago and the next point of contact between the Old and New World did not occur until the Norse landed on the East Coast of America around 1000 A.D., though many scholars have presented evidence over the past few decades suggesting there may have been other points of contact). Chang to conduct research at Harvard University on prehistoric human-face petroglyphs in northeastern Asia and northwestern America.When I decided to open that one single e mail, I invited him to my house party.

His paper, “Prehistoric Human-Face Petroglyphs of the North Pacific Region,” was published by the Smithsonian Institution in 1998."They're a really special thing to see, but they disappear really fast," Salvio told the news agent.Adam Salvio said that in 42 years, he's only seen the carvings four times.Anonymously email, chat, videochat & instant message with other sexually-liberated swinger members! • Explore the erotic swinger lifestyle of millions of people through our Nude Photos and thousands of sexy webcam videos. Real dating story: " I have been a standard member of Adult Friend Finder for years.I never answered any of the emails, untill November, 2004.Swingers is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information about swinger groups, local swinger parties, swinger adult dating contacts in Colorado.


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