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Photo Odysseas has been operating in Polis Chrysochous and surrounding villages since 1950. The company focuses on the area of photographs and movie making.In 1979, Andreas Georgiou, son of Odysseas, started to run the family business and in 1988 the company A. The company expanded and now they serve customers all over Cyprus.We are a team of 2 creative professionals in Polis.Our work includes Professional Photography/Videography, Web Design/Development, Mobile Development (Cross-platform or Android) and UI/UX.According to Cruz-Uribe, this ruler most likely reigned over part of Egypt around the 480s BCE: within this decade it is known through Herodotus that a revolt occurred in Egypt in conjunction with the last years of Darius I and the rise of Xerxes I, who, once crowned, promptly suppressed the rebels.

Assuming that this identification is correct, it appears that this Psammetichus did not have enough authority to claim the Egyptian throne.

Based on architectural form and the few findings that were within the , dating from the first half of the 2nd century BC.

Likely to be associated with a settlement, located 500 meters south, in position of Mytikas Komninon, and had a great life, from the Early Iron Age (9th-8th century BC) until the Byzantine period.

Corinthian helmet, This is an early Greek helmet, dating from around the 7th-5th century BC.

This would have been the time when the polis system was forming in Greece.


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