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We also say “yes” because it’s easier than saying “no,” and we’d rather deal with our negative feelings than other people’s nagging comments, judging stares, and possible gossip if we say “no” to their request. Is there a way we can nicely say “no” without feeling guilty or gaining the reputation of grumpy Gertrude or no-help Ned? Then you to say “no” when asked to join the committee that meets every Thursday evening — especially since you’re already gone Tuesday evenings for something else, and you often have to work late on Mondays.

Her boss informs her that they have a corporate policy she didn’t know about, and is immediately fired. They should have explained the policy, reiterated its seriousness, and warned her that it couldn’t happen again. I was thinking about a literary-themed question last night, which I wondered if you would enjoy: If you had to, which Jane Austen man would you hire for a middle-management position? Darcy would be too rude, Bingley would be a pushover, Wickham and Henry Crawford would cause drama, Mr.

Firing an otherwise conscientious employee who simply didn’t know about the policy (and who is inexperienced enough that it’s really feasible that she genuinely didn’t know this would be a problem) is overkill. Knightley would be very preachy, Edmund is an absolute drip, and so on.

I settled for Colonel Brandon because he is patient, thoughtful, and experienced. I think Frederick Wentworth would also be good — assertive but not pushy, driven, and straightforward, with a good work ethic. Knightley would be so bad, but then I have a soft spot for him and his bossy ways. Getting severance when you quit to start your own business The recent post on literature got me thinking about a fictional scenario you sometimes see on series finales of TV shows or the endings of movies (fake names used to prevent spoilers).

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