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It's an epic scene that continues to show Abby's gusto and wherewithal as the character continues to remain one of the most outspoken and fierce (former) Gladiators on the series.caught up with Stanchfield to discuss "badass" Abby, what her kiss with Leo means for a future with David (Josh Malina) and if pulling a gun will have a long-term impact on her character. The only time you see her take a gun out on somebody is because Huck (Guillermo Diaz) or someone tells her she needs to guard the spies when we had that superspy episode at OPA.), offering access to a 0 million fund to advance her position.Of course, things took a pretty dark turn when the Shadowy Organization™ started making demands of Abby, including swapping out the bullets from Frankie Vargas’ corpse with three fakes provided by Meg. ) We also know now why Abby was so determined to keep Fitz and David from sending Cyrus to the electric chair — and why she remains determined to free him from captivity. The producers and writers have been great about giving us the tools we need, and I personally love the way they’re playing with time.Following last week’s revelation that Abby is the OPA mole, fans all but condemned her as a villain — only to discover that her strings are being pulled by a bigger, badder, more pony-tailed puppet master.As we learned Thursday night, the Shadowy Organization™ approached Abby during the election about her own political aspirations (#Whelan2020!(Leo's ultimate reward becomes a very unexpected smooch with Abby, who is beyond charmed by his chivalry.) And that's when things get interesting.

on Thursday night (May 19) at The Paley Center for Media in New York City.

Olivia, sick of Daddy's speech, flashes back to all of his other speeches, of which there have been many. Lest not you forget that Jake is still in all likelihood, a mole in the White House. Tom's back and he's shooting security guards while Diner Wayne waves a gun in the face of — GASP! This, of course, is a plan by maniacal genius Cyrus, who has schemed a way to get Vargas' name on everyone's tongues. ” • Update: Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Charlie (George Newbern)?

There was probably a better method than holding up a statehouse, but Cyrus is nothing but enthusiastic.

's Michael Trucco) winds up running for a newly opened Senate seat, with Leo (Paul Adelstein) calling the shots.

Charles' entry into the race naturally ruffles Abby's (Darby Stanchfield) feathers, and she's effectively forced to reveal why: He is her ex-husband and responsible for breaking her jaw and fracturing three of her ribs in a drunken rage.


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